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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Mayhew Gambling Hall

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Found in the Mayhew Leisure Street, this location allows the player to use turns gambling in simple number games with a maximum bet of 2000 gold.

An elf in a silly outfit sits at a table, shouting at the various customers. " Step right up! Don't be shy! Place your bets, place your bets! We play Dukal Cards and Goblin Barge here! Everyone can be a winner!"

Dukal Cards Rules[edit]

"The rules are simple. You and house both get cards. The goal of the game is to get the biggest value for the sum of your cards values, but not exceeding 32. The cards you get vary in value between 1 and 24. Once you first draw cards, you get two cards (your hand). You can redraw any one of them, but only one! After that you have to play them, or you can play them from the start if you are satisfied with your hand. Once you play your hand, house also plays its hand. Whoever has the biggest hand but not exceeding 32 wins! Good luck!"

Goblin Barge Rules[edit]

"The rules of the game are based on an old story of two goblin barge workers that ferried goods from a quarry near Lormidia to construct the Keep in Mayhew. The goblins would often bet each other how heavy a load they could ferry across the river without sinking their barges.

In the game, you play against house over which can ferry more cargo. To this end you place a bet. If you win, you get the bet back and you win a sum equal to your bet. If you lose, you lose the bet. In case you and house call it a draw, then you only get your bet returned.

The game is played out by drawing succeding hands, one card at a time. Every card symbolises a number of crates of ore, the card's value being the actual number of crates you get. Be careful, though, because your barge will sink if you try to ferry more than 21 crates and the cards you get are random! In the end, the one who ferried more crates, wins the game. Oh... and good luck!"