Minotaur Potion

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Type: Potion

Description: This potion transforms you into a fierce Minotaur for 10 turns, greatly improving Hand to Hand combat abilities.

Usable by: All Classes.

Effects: Strength +10, Vitality +2, Hand-to-Hand +10, Armor +5 HP +40

Obtained: Available in Merlan's Tower in the Fertile Plains after completing all of his quests.

Cost: 800 gold

Weight: 0.025 ged

Notes: If you have consumed this potion, then Werewolf Form (From the Circlet of Lycanthropy) and Change Shape (Cultist Spell) will no longer be cast in battle for the duration of the potions effects. Using a Medusa Potion, Dryad Potion, Werewolf Potion or Shapeshift Tincture will cancel the effects of this potion!