Mithril Dagger

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Item type: WeaponDagger

Mithril is lighter and stronger than steel. It gives this dagger the edge over its steel counterparts.

Usable by Gnome, Healer, Cultist, Paladin, Warrior
Item weight 0.1
Damage 7
Effects none
Level 4
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 3
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Enchanted Dagger
Acquired fromGoblin Territory (Goblin Mound and Goblin Camp), Treldan Wood (Werewolves' Hoard), Ratman Kingdom, Catacombs (Large Tomb), Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine), Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins), Witch King Ruins (Abandoned Cocoon), Hellfire Mountains East (Goblin Burial Mound), Darkmoor Swamp (Small Ship Remains)
Sell infoBlacksmith (120 gold)