Nevryl Bracers

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Item type: Armband

Nevryl alloyed bracers that can be socketed and are enchanted to give a Hero better Magic Resistance.

Usable by All classes
Item weight 0.15
Effects MGR +5.
SocketingThis item is socketable
Sockets: 2
Schematic for embedding items into sockets:
Socketing Manual (schematic)
Acquired fromFertile Plains (Caravan Escort), Dark Forest (Brashnard Ruins), Hellfire Mountains South (Dragon Pit), Hellfire Mountains North (Barrow), Buried Cathedral (Vault), Valley of Gur-Mechina (Barrow Crypt
Sell infoBlacksmith, Marketplace, Wizard Tower (750 gold), Nomad's Outpost (950 gold).