Nomad's Outpost

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Nomad's Outpost

A small location in the Krolm's Anvil. The Search for the Lost Elf quest leads here.

In-game description[edit]

This small outpost is being used by nomads travelling around Krolm's Anvil. It is a hard and dangerous existance.


  • Town Elder
Posseses information about the Lost Elf. Gives the Nomads' Arena quest.
  • Arena
Challenge local champion for discounts and better inventory in shop.
  • Shop
Sells and buys various items.
Every Arena's tier win makes 1 additional item available for buying from the shop. After completion of the Arena quest selling prices are lowered (to regular shops level), while you can sell there almost any game item at the highest rate - 95% of a normal selling price.
  • Healer
You can be fully healed for 200 gold. The Lost Elf can be found here, if you have the quest.
  • Cache
72000 to purchase.


Initial items and prices

Items and prices after completion of the arena

Exit Routes[edit]