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Nomads' Arena

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Nomads' Arena is a quest found at the Nomad's Outpost at Krolm's Anvil

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Speak to the leader at the outpost and he will invite you to fight in the arena.


Opponent and arena[edit]

Your opponent is the Nomad Champion (see link for estimates of his stats).

The Arena has 10 tiers. After fighting the first tier, your stats are temporarily decreased in that for each additional tier, you are penalized -5 to parry, dodge, h2h, ranged, Int, and Strength and -1 to armor (for a total of -50 Parry, Dodge, H2H, Range, INT and STR, and -10 Armor at the final tier). After each fight, you may exit and resume progress at a later time.

General tips[edit]

  • The final rounds of the Arena may stretch your combat ability to its limits. If you have low H2H and/or low damage output, you'll have a hard time beating him using melee combat.
  • A good trick is to use the powerful Invisibility enchantment that is obtainable in Krolm's Anvil. Unlike invisibility gems, this enchantment can be cast over and over again during combat, and lasts 10 combat rounds on each cast. The Remains of the Royal Garden in the Ruins of Thallis occasionally provides 10 turns of invisibility enchantment, and by using a tonic of speed you can reach the Nomad Outpost with 6 or so turns remaining, this enchantment does not consume charges and so lasts the entire duration of the fight.
  • Another good trick is to stock up on temple enchantments back in Mayhew or Valmorgen, and fight him while the template enchantments are active. Use the Tonic of Speed to reduce the number of turns needed to travel to the Nomad's Arena.
  • If you have enough HP (500+, preferably 550+) and enough offense to damage him over time, this trial can be brute-forced using healing from the Total Restoration Tincture. Having about 500 HP guarantees survival against the champion, even if you have 0 parry and 0 armor. This is because the Champion only does up to about 100-125 damage per hit (for 250 damage per round). So if you have a healing threshold of 250, you can survive him as long as you have TRTs left (this threshold might need to be higher for Ring of Mighty Devastation users). In addition to a 220-250 HP healing threshold, you need another 250 HP (for a total of 500+ HP) to avoid getting healing-aid-stunlocked during combat.
    • The the Invisibility enchantment mentioned above is highly preferable. As long as you can avoid using a healing aid for just a single round, you'll be able to cast the Invisibility, which lets you bash the Champion for the next 10 rounds without any retaliation from the Champion.
    • If you are having trouble dealing enough damage to the Champion, consider using items such as a Nevryl Amulet socketted with 3x Hammer Beard Rings (for melee classes).

Class-specific tips[edit]

  • The Nomad Champion is vulnerable to resisted critical hits for 166 damage each. Therefore, well-geared Barbarians with a high crit rate (30%+) can easily defeat the Champion, especially when using invisibility gems readied in multiple slots along with the Rage of Krolm enchantment. Monks and Warriors of Discord can also exploit the Champion's vulnerability to critical hits.
  • Ranged classes also have a relatively easy time against the Champion. The Champion has relatively low dodge (145), and the triple attack on the Grandbow of Speed will bring the Champion down rather easily.
  • Spellcasters and melee classes with low stats and/or low damage output have the hardest time against the Champion.
  • For tips on beating the Nomad Champion as a spellcaster, see Wizard Class Guide.


  • Access to additional items at the Nomad's Outpost shop. Given that the Nomad's Outpost shop offers all the major consumables, this reward significantly increases the convenience when adventuring in nearby areas.
  • Reduced prices to items already available at the shop.
  • Higher (the highest in all the game currently) prices proposed for the stuff you want to sell.
  • Allows you to teleport to the Krolm's Anvil from Lormidia's Sorcerer's Adobe, for 5000 gold.