Pillage the Caravan

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Pillage the Caravan is a quest in Mayhew.

Notes: Level 10 or higher is required for this quest. If you chose to accept this quest, you will be unable to partake in the quests offered by the Merchants in the Merchants Guild. Heroes who have partaken in the Merchant quests may not work for the Elves, and hence, will not be able to accept this quest. Dwarves and gnomes may not accept this quest regardless.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

The quest starts in the elven bungalow in Mayhew. If you meet their criteria (level 10 and not a Dwarf or Gnome), the elf will let you see their leader upstairs. The leader turns out to be Quellyn Tinklerain who offers you a mission to intercept a group of merchants trying to deliver a crate.

When you accept the mission, you can sneak up on the caravan. You will have to defeat the guards, typically something like: an Elite Fighter, 2 Longbowmen, 3 Fighters and 2 Hedge Wizards.

After defeating the guards, you can return to the elven bungalow for your reward of 600 gold. You may proceed to the next quest for the elves: Grease Some Goblin Palm.