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The Hidden Healing Pool of Gar Uta

This quest is initiated when you run into a Temple to Fervus for the first time in the Ruins of Thallis. Until the resolution of the quest, you are penalized -30 to H2H, Ranged, Parry, Dodge and MGR.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

This quest is automatically obtained the first time you visit a Temple to Fervus at Thallis.


Your journal suggests that you seek the Temple of Agrela (in Thallis). After visiting one, you are then referred to seek the Library, which contains information about a healing well. Information inside the Library strongly points toward the Ruins of Gar Uta. Indeed, in the Ruins of Gar Uta there is magical Healing Pool which cures the plague, thereby removing the stats penalty, and additionally grants you a permanent +20 HP boost (and about 25000/hero_level^2 XP for quest completion).

Players venturing to Thallis for the first time should bring potions of monster detection so that this quest can be expediently completed as soon as it is obtained. There are no necessary hostile encounters in this quest, and can be completed simply by finding the required destinations by exploring.


  • +20 max HP (permanent) and removal of the "Plagued" debuff.
  • The healing pool can be encountered after completion of this quest. It permits you to heal to full every time it is encountered.