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Protect the Warehouse

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Protect the Warehouse is a quest given at the Merchants Guild HQ in Mayhew. This quest is the first in the series of three quests offered by the Merchants Guild.

Notes: Level 10 or higher is required to accept this quest. If you chose to accept this quest, you will be unable to partake in the quests offered by the Elves in the Elven Bungalow. Heroes who have partaken in the Elven quests may not work for the Merchants, and hence, will not be able to accept this quest. Elves may not accept this quest regardless.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

Visit the Merchants Guild HQ in Mayhew. After explaining that you're looking for a quest, you will meet the "manager," one of the leaders of their Guild. The Manager explains that their guild is in something of a "war" with the Elves of Mayhew. He says that the elves are planning an attack on one of the merchant warehouses and ask you to defend it.

Merchants Leader: I have other things I must attend to as well, so let's keep this brief. I have gotten information from an informer that the Elves will try to plunder one of our warehouses tonight. You will prevent that from happening. I will give you instructions how to get to the warehouse. Report back when you are done. Succeed and you will be paid 600 gold. Do not fail us."

After accepting the quest, you can head right over to the warehouse, located in the Mayhew city itself (the link is in the right-most column of the building links). Note that it takes 10 (!) turns to travel to the warehouse. If you decide to defend the warehouse, you'll face a few waves of attackers, consisting of Elven Marauders, Thugs, and Goblins. The attackers are not terribly strong, but there are a lot of them. As such, you may want some additional consumables prepared (or a wind enchantment from Lunord).

Once you have successfully defend the warehouse, you can return to the guild for your reward of 600 gold. You can ask the guild leader for the next mission: Grease Some Goblin Palm.

If you failed, you can return to the Merchant HQ and get another chance by completing Get the Loot!