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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Ranger Class Guide

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See also: Ranger class profile

As a ranged class, Rangers can be expected to be more difficult to play than most melee classes. Ranger players must be patient in the early stages of hero development, but the differences between Rangers and melee classes will shrink over time. Among the three ranged classes, the ranger starts out more powerful than the Rogue in terms of combat ability, but less powerful than the Elf, who begins with 30 MGR and can equip chain mail armor. While Elves enjoy an early advantage over Rangers, Rangers become more powerful later on in the game due to the two classes having identical high-end equipment, and the Rangers' having strength as a damage-boosting stat.

Low stats such as Parry and low weapon damage are detriments to the Ranger early on. Later, once strength is raised from leveling, and the Ranger has an opportunity to train, low initial stats become less and the Ranger's damage output will increase steadily. Hunting for items play a big role in developing a Ranger. The Ranger should quickly take advantage of the Totemic Masks available to be found in Treldan Wood and other locations. Getting the schematic item Greatbow of Speed assembled is a high priority for Rangers, since it dramatically increases damage output. Once this item is obtained, Rangers become on par or better than most melee classes in dealing damage. As a ranged hero, Rangers can also take advantage of the Fire Balm consumable buff to increase weapon damage.

For most of the early and mid game, the Ranger is more challenging to play. Later on, the Ranger develops into a formidable hero. In the late game, the Ranger is one of the most powerful classes in the game due to superior equipment, relatively high HPs and strength-derived damage. The Ranger's schematics weapon upgrade, arguably the best of all such upgrades, gives Rangers the triple attack ability. Once this item (the Grandbow of Speed) is obtained, the Ranger attains the highest weapon-based damage capabilities of any class when fighting highly armored opponents. A more subtle advantage is that monsters later on frequently have high parry, but very few have formidable dodge.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Ranger.

Elven Great Bow, Stealth Bow.
  • Armor: Ranger's Armor (Armor: 8, RNG +20, DMG +1) (embed 3x Skull/Goblin Beard Rings).
Mithril Studded Leather Armor (embed with 3x Goblin/Skull Beard Rings), Medusa Mail.
or Protective Cloak, Farmer's Cloak, Forest Cloak .
Early on, an use various Totemic Masks.
Belt of Rage is useful early on.
  • Footwear: Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, PAR +10, DOD +15, MGR +5, DMG +1, Speed +2);
Wolfskin Greaves (Armor value: 2, RNG+10, PAR +5, DOD +5) are useful early on.
Mithril Bracers (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings), or Nevryl Bracers (embed 2x Ratman Beard Rings);
Bracer of Accuracy (RNG +10, DMG +1).
  • Necklace: Ring Amulet (embed Ring of Protection or Dark Band);
Ranger's Amulet; should also have a Rezzenthells Spellkiller or Dwarven Locket.
Elven Quiver of Slaying (item) (Valmorgen Schematic), Quiver of Burning.

Getting Started[edit]

As mentioned, Rangers are difficult to start. While they do get three 'free' rounds of ranged attacks, their damage is not enough to actually kill within this brief window. Once enemies have closed to melee range, your weak parry and modest hit points will not be much of an asset. The best way to overcome this is to recruit Followers to 'tank' for you. The options are..

  • Thugs from the Rogue's Guild: These are cheap, but will leave you and are not very effective. You can buy a bow for 100 gold and recruit 1 Thug to get started.
  • Fighters from the Warrior's Guild: Solid and effective, but 300 gold is very difficult to pull off consider the 200 gold starting funds. A Ranger might do Guard Patrol, Guard Duty, or hope for good luck to raise the cash necessary.
  • Skeletons from Krypta's Temple: A Ranger can acquire from 1 to 3 Skeleton Followers for 10 turns of prayer. This makes it the most cost-effective option. The Skeletons can be recruited separate from the regular 6 hireling slots. Skeletons are superior followers as they are more upgradable, have higher hit points, and incredible dodge skill. Explore the easier sections of the Valmorgen Sewers (while still gaining XPs and Gold) to raise the Skeleton Followers' status to Skeletal Overlords for a more powerful Follower.

Progression should be straightforward with follower assistance, though Followers will leech a significant amount of experience. In order to gain more XP per fight and reduce the XP leeching from Followers, you will want to upgrade your bow and enchant it to maximum as quickly as possible. Then, you will want to acquire Spellcasting and learn PowerShock for maximum offensive damage, then obtain defensive items such as Ring of Protection, armor, etc.

You can either keep the Followers alive to gain overall power while looking for better items, or not resurrect them to gain more XPs. Remember, they do not fill the regular hireling slots, so keep them for support in later adventures.