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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Ratmen Invaded

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This quest is a continuation of the Royal Rat-Catcher's Ratman Invasion quest.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Claim the reward for the Ratman Invasion quest.

  • Message when quest is obtained: "Great job on the tunnels! Now you should be able to proceed and find the construction yard and destroy it. Valmorgen will be eternally grateful for your hard work."

"But you surely want something more than just my hollow words, no? So here, I have a more tangible reward for you. And once the construction yard is rubble, I will tell you how to escape Valmorgen."

  • Journal entry: After blowing open the door to the Ratmen's tunnels the Royal Rat-Catcher implored you to find and destroy the Ratapult. After that's done he will show you the way out of Valmorgen.


Explore the Sewer Tunnels until you find a dead Ratman, clutching a note. Take the note, to find that it says:

"Tail-less pink one has entered our tunnel! Ratapult building stage not yet fully completed. We only have one Ratapult ready and meager defenses. Send immediate reinforcements!"
Aside from the note is also a map. If you find any of the reference points located on the map, you should be able to find the Ratapult too.

Continue exploring until you find such a reference point and attack the construction site (8 Ratmen, 6 Ratman Champions, 2 Ratman Shaman and 1 Ratapult). Then return to the Royal Rat-Catcher to receive your reward.


There is no material reward after completing this quest, however heroes gain 2000 XP divided by their level's square and rounded down (For example a level 10 hero will gain 20 XP). Also heroes will be able to pass on to the Goblin Head Tunnel after defeating the Ratman King.

"Great work! Don't ask me how I knew the work is done, though. Trade secret. Now that I know Valmorgen is safe again, I can tell you how to leave her. Listen carefully."
"The Goblins and Ratmen fight a terrible war in the tunnels between here and Mayhew. In order to safeguard their interests in Valmorgen, they built a small fortification between the main tunnel network and the ones connected to Valmorgen."
"Somehow some Goblins managed to slip past now and then, but even I don't know how they do that. The only route I know to the main tunnel system is through this fortification. So that's how you need to travel."
"Beware though, this nest is guarded by a self-proclaimed Ratman King. After the fall of Rhoden several other magical potent Ratman males vied for his position. The result is a civil war going on. Don't be surprised to meet more 'Kings' further along the path."
"Just remember never to get your guard down, and use any anti-magical gear you can use. Good luck!"