Rescue the Wizard's Apprentice

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Rescue the Wizard's Apprentice is the first in the series of quests given by Merlan at the Wizard Tower.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Visit Merlan in the Wizard Tower.

  • Message when quest is obtained: "Well for starters, you can go find my apprentice who likes to wander off in that infernal forest. Tell him Merlan isn't too happy and he'll come right home if he knows what's good for him! You'll recognize him by his silver Wizard's medallion. Probably at that damned Werewolf village again..."
  • Journal entry: Rescue the Wizard's Apprentice


Explore the Dark Forest until you find the werewolf village Lycanthria. Search there until you find a "Enter the dwelling making as much noise as possible!" encounter. Kill the group of vargs there.


Opens up the next quest: Mushroom Hunt.