Ring of Mightier Devastation

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Item type: Ring

This Ring of Mighty Devastation has been improved to give a small boost to Magic Resistance, as to be able to cast Exploding Aura with less chance to hit yourself.

Usable by All classes.
Item weight 0.01
Effects Exploding Aura, MGR +10
Acquisition Upgraded from the Ring of Mighty Devastation at the Imp's Workshop
Required ingredients: Bar of Gold and Dark Wizard's Crystal Ball
Sell infoMarketplace (500 gold), Nomad's Outpost Shop (400/800 gold), Magic Bazaar, Merlan's Shop (750 gold).
NotesThis ring, like the base ring prior to upgrade, damages the user and his or her followers upon. This ring cannot be used in the Ring Amulet schematic.