Royal Rat-Catcher

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The Royal Rat-Catcher

The Royal Rat-Catcher is an NPC in the Valmorgen Sewers, tasked by the Sovereign to keep the rat population in the Sewers at a reasonable level. The Rat-Catcher in turn delegates this task to heroes, in the form of four quests:

The first two require the player to be level 2, and the latter two quests require the player to be level 3. For each quest, a specific encounter must be found in the sewers. For example: going down to the Lower Sewers and killing a Gargantuan Rat will not complete the third quest.

After the player reaches level 7 they can begin quests to leave Valmorgen. The Rat-Catcher gives the player the two quests:

These allow the player to explore the Sewer Tunnels and side with either the Ratmen or Goblins to begin the Uniting the Clans or Goblin Traitor quests, respectively, which take the hero on towards Mayhew. The alternative quest is The Trial of Venn's Spire.

If the hero has received the Longsword of True Valour Quest from the Dwarven Blacksmith, the Rat-Catcher will mention the location of one of the pieces of the Longsword, provided you have completed all four quests for him. This information is stored in the hero's Journal, as the The Blade of the Sword rumour.