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Royal Scepter Quest

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The Royal Scepter Quest is a quest that starts in Valmorgen. It is relatively easy to accomplish and interesting, though time consuming with an almost useless reward. (Your basic Ring of Protection is much better)

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

The Sovereign's Head Tavern in Valmorgen has an elderly man inquiring about something on the Central Plains. If you have not discovered the Central Plains yet (you have to be able to leave Valmorgen), you'll be unable to continue at this point and, instead, a rumor will be inserted into your journal to remind you to return to the tavern at a later time. However, if you do have knowledge of the Plains, he will tell you that he's been expecting a long-overdue caravan from Tholaria and asks you to help locate it. If it's worth your while, you may get started right away, once you've accepted the quest. If you offer doubts, he'll tell you that he has an enticing ring for your reward.

The caravan is on the Central Plains so head out there and explore. After a bit of exploring, you'll come upon the caravan, only to find that it has been looted by a few bandits. After defeating the bandits, you'll find the box of Micarius, which you should take to the elderly man in the tavern. It turns out that the box requires a password to be opened. The hint to the password is:


The hint is a reference to something in the Valmorgen library. Using the hint, you should be able to find the password to open the box. (If you need help with the clue, click the link above).

Thieves Hideout[edit]

It turns out that the box held the Royal Tholarian Scepter but the Gem has been broken off the Shaft due to previous attempts to open it. You must now attempt to repair the scepter by finding the repair schematic in the library. Incidentally, the schematic has been stolen and must be retrieved by finding the thieves hideout in the Lower Sewers. Upon discovering the hideout, you may try to sneak in or, in the most likely case, defeat the group thieves, consisting of bandits, ruffians, and ratmen. (Note: You must first receive the journal rumor before you can locate the hideout).

After retrieving the schematic, you can now assemble the scepter, but in order to do so, you must first learn the craftmanship ability. The easiest way to learn craftsmanship is through the Hero's Rest Inn on the central plains. A craftsmanship level of 1% is enough, but required, to assemble the scepter.

When the scepter has been repaired, return to the tavern and you'll receive your reward, the Tholarian Signet Ring. The old man explains:

"This is the signet ring of the Tholarian royal family. Whoever wears it, will be greeted warmly in Tholaria. In the meantime, the ring's magical properties might prove useful as well. But for now, farewell, my friend."