Ruins of Gar Uta

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The Ruins of Gar Uta

In-game description[edit]

You have reached the plains which once hold the great city of Gar Uta. This city used to be the stronghold of the followers of Lunord during the Six Winter War. All that remains intact is the Temple of the Winds though, and it seems that several small tribes have set up camps throughout the region. It seems that the foes here are not quite as strong as in the Desolate Wastelands either, which is quite a relief. Still, you have the distinct feeling something is seriously wrong here.


  • Temple of the Winds (the Monster Detection doesn't work here!) - Gar Uta Raider, Dire Bear
Extra Windy Conditions - Lose 1 turn
Wind Storm event - Gain 5 turns of the Wind Storm spell (does not apply to Barbarians).



Lair of Dire Bears
Hidden Healing Pool
  • Lair of Dire Bears (Gives gold after fighting 3-8 Mountain Bears and 3-8 Dire Bears)
  • Wandering Towering Golem

Quest-Related Encounts

  • Related to the Gar Uta Quest:
Villager - Leads to the The Temple Raiders quest and plays a role thereafter.
Raider's Tower
Paladin Camp
Paladin Assault Group


Normal lair encounters in this area do not drop any items, but after completing the The Raiders' Weird Tower quest, you can get one random Imp Workshop Ingredient from an abandoned house in village, though it is very random.