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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Ruins of Thallis

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The Ruins of Thallis

The Ruins of Thallis can be reached from the Desolate Wastelands via the Eastern Pass.

In-game description[edit]

You have arrived at the Ruins of Thallis, the human city allied with Helia during the Six Winters War, although there is still a presence of Lunord here as well as all the non-human races. This city used to be huge, easily a dozen times the size of Valmorgen. You wonder why all the buildings from a long-lost civilization still look in such a good condition. Something is not quite right in this huge ghost town.

Graveyard of Thallis
Thallis Sewers
Palace of Thallis


The following sub-locations are found randomly as random events. The locations play a role in the quests in this region.

  • Graveyard of Thallis
Encounters may involve Lesser Undead, Greater Undead or Warlocks.
Tomb - battle against 7..12 various Lesser Undead, gives nothing.
Empty grave - Lose turns
Contains the shrine needed to be cleansed for the Fairgrounds Quest.
  • Thallis Sewers
Inhabited by: Ratman Assassin, Ratasiege, Ratman Overlord, Ratman Terminator and Mimic chest.
Fortification - battle against powerful Ratmen; gives Imp Workshop Ingredients needed for the Imp's Workshop stuff upgrades, including: Dust of a Dark Phantom, Goblin Grease, Cursed Knife, Magic Skeleton Bone, Dragon Pearl, Enchanted Idol, Metal Strap, Rune of Healing, etc.
Chest: Contains Gold or a Mimic.
  • Palace of Thallis
Angry Heroes - lose 2 turns
The throne room of the Thallis Sovereign. Guarded by 2 lines of different Thallis Heroes.
Secret Vault - after a battle with 3..7 different Thallis Heroes you'll find nice amount of gold.


The following "lairs" are guarded by packs of 3-7 of their associated heroes (see: Winning difficult fights for strategies) and contains items (see: Items Reference Page) for their associated classes:

Other Events/Lairs
Unless otherwise noted, the encounters involve a group of heroes in numbers from three to six. In some encounters you have to fight mixed groups, like a few Wizards and Gnome Champions.

  • Remains of Elven Lounge - Guarded by 2-5 Thallis Elves. Gives gold (miserable amount).
  • Remains of Gambling Hall - Bet 1000, 5000 or 10000 to the one-armed rogue.
  • Remains of Hall of Champions - Guarded by random Thallis Heroes. Gives Champion's Vigor enchantment.
  • Remains of Blacksmith - Guarded by random Thallis Heroes. Gives high-level, non-class specific armor and weapons: (list needs completing): -
Avenger Longbow, Axe of Destiny, Crossbow of Destruction, Dagger of Vengeance, Greatsword of Vanquishing, Hammer of the Gods, Longsword of Annihilation, Spindler, Staff of Spite, Weapon of Death
Mithril Breastplate +4, Ultimate Chaos Armor
  • Abandoned Guard Tower - Empty, gives 55-500 gold.
  • Abandoned Common House - Empty, gives 50-300 gold.
  • Abandoned Sorcerer's Adobe - Empty.
  • Abomination Lair (flagged, during "The Desert Artifact" quest).
  • Remains of Fountain - Gives nothing.
  • Remains of Mausoleum - Guarded by 5-8 Dark Phantoms. Drops Splinter of Health, Teevus Wand, Rezzenthells Spellkiller, Battle Boots, Dark Band, Rumble Mitts, Ring of Fortitude, Golem Beard Ring, Skull Beard Ring, Skullcap of Self-Improvement, Dust of a Dark Phantom and some gold.
  • Remains of Ballista tower - Guarded by 2-5 Thallis Dwarves. Gives gold.
  • Remains of Embassy - Guarded by random Thallis Heroes, usually of two hero types, e.g.: spellcasters + melee / ranged + melee - in high numbers (4-5 of each type, any of the foes can be attacked by you first randomly). Examples include Wizards with Gnome Champions or Rogues, Priestesses with Cultists, Paladins with Rangers. Gives random Thallis items; also found here: Amulet of Destruction, Wand of Invisibility.
  • Remains of Marketplace- Guarded by random Thallis Heroes. Gives Total Restoration Tinctures.
  • Remains of Trading Post - Encounters from 3 to 12 Looters. Gives 150-1500 gold.
  • Remains of Magic Bazaar - Gives 5 of one type of Magic Bazaar potion, Total Restoration Tinctures or Firebomb.
  • Remains of Gazebo - Can rest here.
  • Remains of Outpost - Guarded by random Thallis Heroes. Gives gold.
  • Remains of Inn - Guarded by 1-5 random Thallis Heroes. Gives 50-100 gold and sometimes also a random journal rumor.
  • Remains of Royal Garden - Random blessing (including invisibility) or full heal.
  • Lair of Looters - Part of the Quest The Imp and His Tools, up to 12 Looters inside.
  • Thallis Library - Initiates the Treasure Hunt and takes a part in the Plagued! quest. After the quest-related events, the Library randomly awards a stat increase (STR, VIT, INT, WILL, or ART) of the player's choice, up to three times. Afterwards could sometimes give a Thallis Library Text Fragment.
  • Thallis Fairgrounds - Initiates Thallis Fairgrounds quest.
  • Thallis Graveyard - Undead monsters. Be aware, battles with Greater Undead are unavoidable.
  • Wizards Tower - A wizard tower attacks you, 100-150~HP loss event.
  • Ordinary fights - an ordinary fight with from 1 to 8 Looters or a few Leprechauns paired with Leprechaun Chieftains.