Search for the Lost Elf

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"Search for the Lost Elf" is a quest beginning at the Elven Valley which progresses to the Desolate Wastelands areas.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

To obtain the quest, talk to the elf at the Shop in the Elven Valley Village. At one point, this quest requires a minimum level of 11. The current status of this requirement is not confirmed.


After learning about the Elven Apprentice, your journal states that the guard at Traveller's Dell might have some information. He says the Elf went east. Heading to the Desolate Wastelands, you find a trace of the elf (special event), and are then redirected to the Imp's workshop in the area. The Imp points you to Krolm's Anvil, and upon searching the area, you will find the elf at the Nomad's Outpost.

The steps prior to the Nomad Outpost are optional. That is, this quest can also be directly completed by Visiting the Nomad Outpost.

On your return to the Elven Valley, you'll receive your reward of 10000 gold and some XP. The blacksmith then mentions that "some other situations have developed with the Dwarves of Grov-Urtat while you were away." Presumably, another quest will be made available with the completion of Grov-Urtat.


  • 10000 Gold, 50-100 XP (depends on the Hero's level)