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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Secret tunnel network

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The Secret tunnel network is a secondary route to leave Valmorgen, bypassing The Trial of Venn's Spire. This route encompasses a number of quests and can be started by talking to the Royal Rat-Catcher in the Sewers. The hero must be level 7 or higher to get the following response from the Rat Catcher:

"Someone wants to leave the city without doing the trial of Venn's Spire, do we now?"
"There is a secret tunnel network of the Ratmen leading from Valmorgen to Mayhew deep inside the Ratman Kingdom. It's not big enough to allow humans to pass through the entrance though, just Ratmen."
"In order to be able to pass you need to blow open the opening with explosives. Of course, enlarging the entrance like that will allow more Ratmen to enter Valmorgen, including their Ratapult they tried getting here."
"A Ratapult is a magical device of mass destruction. I would advise you to use Anti-Magic Gems in battling it. Once the Ratapult is defeated will I tell you how to leave Valmorgen through the Ratmen sewers and skip the Trial to go to Mayhew. From there you should be able to buy a few maps to proceed your adventure."
"Problem is that I have no idea exactly where the entrance is to the tunnels. You need to find a few patrols in the Lower Sewers, similar to the ones you defeated here, who might hold information regarding it's exact position. Return to me once you have a few of their maps."
"I don't have to mention opening the tunnels is extremely dangerous, and I wouldn't have suggested it if I think you wouldn't be able to defeat the Ratapult. In the end keeping it intact so close to Valmorgen is more dangerous than the additional Ratmen that would come here with a blown open tunnel opening."
"Good luck!"

This starts the Ratman Invasion quest.

After completing the Ratman Invasion and subsequent Ratmen Invaded quests, heroes can find the following encounter in the Sewer Tunnels:

You have found the nest of the self-proclaimed Ratman King that blocks the way deeper into the tunnels. Once you get rid of his warband, you should be able to freely move between both tunnels.
But as the Royal Rat-Catcher said, that will not be an easy task.

Defeating the Ratman King and his 3 Ratman Stalkers, opens up the Goblin Head Tunnel where the hero can join forces with either the ratmen, goblins, or neither. Joining either faction will begin a series of quests which will lead to the player being allowed to pass to the Mayhew Tunnel. The first ratmen quest is Uniting the Clans and the goblin path starts with Goblin Traitor. Alternatively, a player could bypass all of these quests by simply destroying the goblin fortress, which will allow the player to travel to the Mayhew Tunnel.

A level 7 hero will have a hard time completing the ratman or goblin quest series and an even harder time - if possible at all - destroying the goblin fortress outright. The 'alternative route out of Valmorgen' should be seen as a source for extra quests. The associated rewards - unique items and an unique follower - are not found anywhere else in the game.