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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Serpent Queenlings

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The most prominent location of serpent queenlings are the Hellfire Mountains West. The Greater Harpy is only found in the Fertile Plains.


Serpentine troublemakers that are rumored to have extremely high magical resistance. Medusae are notoriously responsible for the untimely disappearance of those confident heroes who stray a little too far from their guilds.

XPs: unknown Gold: 70 Armor: 2 HP: 60
Locations: Central Plains, Fertile Plains, Hellfire Mountains West.
Attack Type: Melee
Other attributes
(specified in-game): Strength: 19, Intelligence: 12, Speed: 2, H2H: 70, Ranged: 0, Dodge: 70, Parry: 70, MGR: 180, Damage: 4-13
Gameplay Note: Medusae can be charmed by cultists.

Greater Gorgon[edit]

The spawn of Scrylia, the serpent queen. They were almost wiped out in the Medusa Rebellion, but some survived and they have begun reappearing in ever greater numbers.

XPs: unknown Gold: 200 Armor: 4 HP: 80
Locations: Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine and Caravan encounters), Hellfire Mountains West.
Attack Type: Ranged and Spellcaster.
Petrify, Summon Medusa.
Gameplay Note: The combination of Petrify and Summoning - not talking about ranged (~80-85) ability - makes the Greater Gorgon particularly dangerous to Heroes with low magic resist, armor, dodge and damage. Their Petrify spell cannot be fully resisted (only Dwarves are immune), but around 125 MGR (Sir Prozous' estimate) allows one to always decrease it's duration.


Disease carrying bird-women who live to kill. It is said that they favor ruins and swamps.

XPs: unknown Gold: 20 Armor: 1 HP: 45
Locations: Goblin Territory, Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine encounter), Hellfire Mountains West.
Attack Type: Melee

Greater Harpy[edit]

Also known as Death Sirens, these monsters emit a piercing wail that strikes fear into their victims before attacking with venomous talons.

XPs: unknown Gold: 40 Armor: 3 HP: 75
Locations: Fertile Plains (Ruined Shrine encounter).
Attack Type: Melee. Uses Offensive Spells.
Death Cry.
Poisoned Weapon(2).
A hero needs ~210 Parry to block her attacks.