Sewer Tunnels

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The Valmorgen Sewer Tunnels.

The Sewer Tunnels is a level of the Valmorgen sewers lower than the basic sewers and the Ratman Kingdom. Heroes who've risen past the initial levels will generally want to move onto the Sewer Tunnels since it contains more challenging foes and opportunities for experience, as well as the possibility of venturing into Mayhew. Heroes are prompted to enter the Sewer Tunnels in order to complete the Ratmen Invaded quest, which grants access to the Ratman Tunnel. After completing the Ratmen Invaded quest and speaking to the Rat-Catcher you may battle a Ratman King to gain access to the Goblin Head Tunnel, which is a separate portion of the Sewer Tunnels from the Ratman Tunnel. Here the player may choose to join forces with either the ratman, goblins, or neither. Joining either faction will begin a series of quests which will lead to the player being allowed to pass to the Mayhew Tunnel. Alternatively, a player could bypass all of these quests by simply destroying the goblin fortress, which will allow the player to travel to the Mayhew Tunnel.

In-Game Description: This tunnel seems to be different from the others. It goes on for quite a while, possibly past Valmorgen's city boundaries. It finally opens up into another network of tunnels.

Ratman Tunnel[edit]

Non-Player Characters[edit]



Goblin Head Tunnel[edit]




  • Goblin Head Tunnel or Ratman Tunnel (1 Turn)
  • Mayhew Tunnel (1 turn from Goblin Head Tunnel)
  • To the Ratman Kingdom (0 turns from Ratman Tunnel)