Silver Varg Sheddings

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Obtaining the quest[edit]

Visit Merlan in the Wizard Tower after completing the Moonglow Water quest.

  • Message when quest is obtained: The Wizard looks disapprovingly at the container you hand him, but he pours the glowing water into his cauldron.

"Some young Silver Varg sheddings would be perfect right now."

  • Journal entry: Silver Varg Sheddings


Explore the Dark Forest until you encounter
You've found a cunningly-hidden den, which you think could belong to any creature until you notice the silver strands of fur at the entrance.
kill the Silver Vargs to find some silver varg pups.
Looking down at the helpless young pups that have not yet shed their first coat, you gather them up in your arms and head back to the old Wizard's place.


Opens up the next quest: Defeat Merlan's Apprentice.