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The Unexpected Logout Daemon™[edit]

The Unexpected Logout Daemon™ is an otherworldly beast. Though he seldom treads on Ardanian soil, when he does so, man and beast alike flee before his approach. For his to command is a power unlike any other - with but a thought he can banish anyone or anything from this world altogether. The hero has not yet been born that will face this daemon of the void and defeat him.

XPs: 9000 Gold: 1208 Armor: 42 HP: 5066
Locations: unknown
Attack Type: Spellcaster
Other attributes
(specified in-game): Strength: 72, Intelligence 40, Speed: 8, H2H: 119, Ranged: 0, Dodge: 120, Parry: 127, MGR: 280, Damage: 55-90
Stoneshredder, Meteor Storm, Unexpected Logout
Immunity to Poison, Relentless, Regeneration(10)
This monster appeared in certain locations as an April Fools joke in 2007

Trick or Treat[edit]

These darned disguised kids try to steal your money and your candy! Watch your purse carefully.

XPs: unknown Gold: 5 Armor: unknown HP: 50
Locations: unknown
Attack Type: Spellcaster
Drain Gold
Entertaining, Relentless
This monster appeared at the graveyard for Halloween in 2008


This shadowy apparition looks exactly like the monster you had nightmares about as a child. But that was just a dream, so it couldn't be real... or could it?

XPs: 0 Gold: usually 50-100 Armor: 13 HP: 666
Locations: Lormidia, during the Ascend the Wizard's Tower quest.
Attack Type: Spellcaster. Uses Attacking & Defensive spells.
Petrify, Level Leach, Illusionary Hero, Invisibility, Drain Gold, Summon Shadow Stalker
Attack Multiple Foes, Immunity to Poison, Relentless, Regeneration (2), Resist Critical Hit (100), Aura of Fear.