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Spells (introduction)

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Magic plays an important role in the world of Ardania. Spells can be your greatest asset, or your worst nightmare if used by the enemy. There are four ways to obtain spells:

  1. Learned Automatically: Many of the hero classes start with the Spellcasting ability and spells at the beginning or automatically gains these ability by gaining levels.
  2. Purchased from the Library: Other heroes need to learn Spellcasting from the Wizards Guild. Heroes require a score of 11 or higher in their intelligence stat in order to learn Spellcasting from the Wizards Guild. Once the Spellcasting ability is obtained, all heroes have access to two spells at the library: PowerShock and FlameShield.
  3. Enchantments: For some heroes the first contact with magic will come from praying in one of the Temples. The gods of Ardania bestow magical blessings on those who show their allegiance. For more information on gaining these blessing, see Temples. Enchantments can also be obtained by other means. Some enchantments are similar to spells while others are passively always in effect for the duration of the enchantment.
  4. Obtained from Items: A third source for spells are from items. Certain items carry a fixed amount of charges for casting a certain spell (see: charged items). Other items such as the Teevus Staff which gives unlimited usage to a spell as long as the item is equipped. Yet a third type of items, consumable items such as the Medusa Potion, can also provide enchantment-like spells.

Heroes are not the only ones who can use magic. Ardania is home to some very powerful adversaries, who cast spell after spell in combat. As with the hero spells, these can be beneficial, for them or destructive, for you.

There are three main factors that affect spell usage:

  1. Intelligence: Determines the chances that the spell hits and and affects the damage of damage-inflicting spells.
  2. Magic Resistance (MGR): Affects the likelihood that a spell hits or is resisted.
  3. Spell Level: Affects the likelihood that a spell hits or is resisted (in the equation given above), and the order in which non-self buff spells are cast.

List of Spells[edit]