Spirit of the Land

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Spirit of the Land is a story that appears in the manual of Majesty: the Fantasy Kingdom Sim. It describes the early history of Ardania, the setting of the Majesty series.


All began with the World Birthing.

From the vast nothing, Krolm brought everything into being. He presided as the singular Master of Ardania’s dawn. While he was pleased with the endless details of this newly crafted wilderness, something was still missing. Self-admiration for his accomplishments was not enough. He brought humankind into the world so that they may take joy in his creation and revere his might and skill.

Ardania’s countenance was still blanketed in darkness and tumult. To soothe this harsh realm of storm and fury, Krolm divided his essence. The result was Krolm’s two children: Helia, the eternal Sun, and Lunord, the everchanging moon.

Helia and Lunord frolicked across the skies, and the people of Ardania watched with admiration. The new gods delivered many gifts — the gifts of civilization. Soon, many of Ardania’s people turned away from Krolm, in favor of the promise of these new gods. Krolm grew jealous and instructed his remaining faithful to forever shun the trappings of civilized life.

As civilization evolved, so did the heavens. In the time of the great King Sydrian, four more deities vied for the spiritual allegiance of Ardania’s faithful. These children of the new gods included Krypta, Goddess of Death; Dauros, God of Law; Fervus, God of Chaos; and Agrela, Goddess of Life. And thus the seven gods and goddesses of Ardania came to be.