Sunken City

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Sunken City

The Sunken City is a location within Darkmoor Swamp. Similar to finding the entrance to the Buried Cathedral from the Catacombs, the player must explore the swamp in order to locate the transient entrance to the Sunken City. This is one of the most challenging locations in which to venture. Gold revenue in this area is also quite high, at a level just below that of the Buried Cathedral.

In-Game Description: The legendary Sunken City of Darkmoor has been claimed by the swamp long ago. You now stand at the edge of its ruins-inhabited ones, by the sound of it.


The monsters in the Sunken city are all extremely powerful and appear in high frequency. High defense values and combat aid items will likely be necessary to explore this area.

Notable Encounters[edit]

Temple Ruins
Wooden Hut
Crucified Captive
  • Crucified Captive: after combat against 2-4 Flesh Hunters and 1-2 Flesh Hunter Shamans, the hero frees the captive, who may be a Healer who rewards the hero with 8-12 Elixirs of Health, a crazed Warrior of Discord who attacks, or a Demon who vanishes.
Ruined Building
  • Murky Bog: Lose 1 - 4 turns.