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To Sir_Prozius: OK, I'll stop it. As for me, I've done a lot of work here also, including estimations, but there is nothing to be proud of - it's volunteering whatever - IMCO. But once again - good, I stopped :)

I like the credits (and started to include them myself - maybe you also should :) ) because when you read the wiki you may see traces of players/heroes who aren't around anymore but they made their contribution to the wiki (and in some cases to the game itself and/or it's community). A prime example is Veneficus, who made massive contributions to this wiki and is the one (I think) who first made accurate estimations and shared them with others. Maybe it's stupid nostalgia, but I think it adds character to this wiki. I don't mind when someone correct my estimation (if the correction is valid) and erases/replaces the credits. But deleting them (or any other) just while doing some refactoring of the articles isn't cool imho. I got irritated when I saw some very old credits being deleted this way - that's why I added a comment to the summary. Anyway it's good that people are updating the wiki so cheers :P --Sir Prozous 13:48, 27 November 2012 (EST)