Teevus Staff (item)

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Item type: WeaponStaff

Fashioned after the legendary Teevus Wand, this staff, while completely useless in combat, grants a Wizard a taste of Dark Wizardry. The wielder of this item can cast the Vortex spell, used by the fabled Witch King and Liche Queen. Of course, Dark Wizardry always comes at a price...

Usable by Wizard
Item weight 0.6
Damage 1
Effects Allows the user to cast Vortex, Vitality -4.
Acquisition Crafted using the Teevus Staff schematic
Required ingredients: Mystic Staff, Teevus Wand, Bellanite Shard, Splinter of Burning
Upgrades to Cleansed Teevus Staff (upgraded at the Imp's Workshop).
Sell info7500 gold in Blacksmith