Temple to Krypta

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Temple to Krypta


Description: A deep, resounding gong from the temple's bell reminds all of the chilling presence of Krypta.
Location: Valmorgen
Associated Class: Priestess
Classes not allowed inside: Monk, Barbarian, Healer, Paladin
Blessings: Wither, Animate Bones, Re-animation
Notes: You may raise a maximum of 3 additional Followers in all temples to Krypta (requires 10 turns for 1 to 3 Skeletons) if you're not considered among one of the "not allowed" classes. From the Ranger Class Guide: "Skeletons from Krypta's Temple: A Ranger can acquire from 1 to 3 Skeleton Followers for 10 turns of prayer. This makes it the most cost-effective option. The Skeletons can be recruited separate from the regular 6 hireling slots. Skeletons are superior followers as they are more upgradable, have higher hit points, and incredible dodge skill. Explore the easier sections of the Valmorgen Sewers (while still gaining XPs and Gold) to raise the Skeleton Followers' status to Skeletal Overlords for a more powerful Follower."