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Throughout the world of Ardania, you will find several key buildings called 'temples' or 'shrines'. These buildings are dedicated to a deity and maintained by faithful worshippers. Depending on your hero-class, you may be allowed to enter a temple to rest, raise your followers from death, pray or donate gold. Since the deities have conflicting interests, followers of one god may find entry to temples to certain other deities denied.


Temples to Agrela, Fervus and Krolm allow your hero and followers to rest to gain back hitpoints (HPs). For heroes, HPs regained is equivalent to their Vitality score (Vitality x No of Turns). Followers regain 10 HPs (10 x No of Turns).

Raising Dead Followers[edit]

Temples to Agrela and Krypta allow you to raise dead followers back to life, for a certain amount of gold. When raised, followers regain all their HPs. Since Barbarians are not allowed in these temples, they cannot raise fallen followers.


A hero can pray to a Deity in the temples and shrines for a number of turns. Praying increases your Piety towards the temple's deity, and also decreases your Piety towards any opposing deities. The amount of Piety gained with the temple's deity is thirty times your Willpower score per turn prayed (Willpower x No of Turns x 30). The amount of Piety lost to opposing deities is shown in the section below.

Donating Gold[edit]

A second method to increase your piety towards a Deity is by donating money in a temple or shrine. As with praying, donating increases your Piety towards the temple's deity and decreases your Piety towards any opposing deities. The amount of Piety gained with the temple's deity is equal to half of the amount of gold donated, rounded down (1 piety for 2 gold donated). The amount of Piety lost to opposing deities is shown in the section below.

How much Piety do I have?[edit]

Your actual Piety amount is not shown, but you can get a general idea of your current standing from the comments made by a worshipper in the temple.

Piety gained and lost[edit]

Piety = Amount of Piety gained from Praying/Donations.
- = Not Affected
Gods influenced
Pray/Donate in: Agrela Dauros Fervus Krypta Lunord Helia Krolm
Temple to Agrela +Piety - -Piety/4 -Piety/4 - - -Piety/4
Temple to Dauros - +Piety -Piety/4 -Piety/4 - - -Piety/4
Temple to Fervus -Piety/4 -Piety/4 +Piety - - - -Piety/4
Temple to Krypta -Piety/4 -Piety/4 - +Piety - - -Piety/4
Temple to Lunord - - - - +Piety -Piety/3 -Piety/3
Temple to Helia - - - - -Piety/3 +Piety -Piety/3
Temple to Krolm -Piety/8 -Piety/8 -Piety/8 -Piety/8 -Piety/8 -Piety/8 +Piety

As can be seen, avoiding decreased effectiveness of prayer and/or donations requires:

  • worshipping Krolm alone or not at all
  • not worshipping Lunord and Helia at the same time
  • not worshipping Dauros or Agrela if you worship Fervus or Krypta

If you break these rules, you can, with greatly increased turns/gold expenditure, combine blessings of several gods. Max negative piety is ~100000. This might significantly increase the effective power of character, so in rare situation the increased level of foes defeated may make this strategy worthwhile. Especially so if you use donations rather than prayers once gold became more abundant.


Once you have gained enough Piety towards a temple's deity, He/She may award you with various Blessings. The amount of piety needed to receive a particular blessing is equal to 1000 + cost in Majesty. For example Re-animate costs 2000 gold in Majesty. So in order to get Re-animate blessing in HoA, you need to gain 1000+2000 = 3000 piety either by donating (3000*2= 6000 gold) or praying ( 3000/(30*Willpower)= 100/Willpower turns)

Blessings are spell-like enchantments which generally last for 10 turns. You can increase this duration by asking for the same Blessing again - every additional Blessing of the same type increases the duration by another 10 turns. There are some blessings that have different durations – most notably the Resurrection. You can see what Blessings you have received and how long they remain active from your Spells tab on the left-hand menu. See the temple descriptions for the possible blessings.

Increasing Willpower[edit]

Willpower can be temporarily increased before praying by equipping Willpower increasing equipment immediately before praying. Some examples include:

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