Tempus Fugit

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Tempus Fugit ("time flies" in Latin) is a quest available in Lormidia.

Quest Summary and Dialog[edit]

To initiate the quest, visit the Royal Timekeepers in Lormidia and talk to the Distraught Character

The strange person turns out to be an old Witch! She asks you something before you even have the time to ask anything: "Do you know where the basement is?"

If you have previously visited the Royal Timekeepers' Basement you may let her know that you have visited the area and can therefore take the quest.

Distraught Character: "In that case you can help me. One of our institute's most useful items, the Silver Sundial, has accidentally been dropped into the basement. Go there and get it for me. You'll be rewarded. Now scram!"

If you leave and head to the basement, you'll find that even if you come upon the sundial, its spellpower will prevent you from taking it. What you must do is return to the Distraught Character. She will say:

"Ah, there you are. You ran off before I could give you this magical hourglass: Swap it for the Sundial and you'll not be touched by its magic. Now go!"'

To Complete the Quest: Go to the basement and find the Silver Sundial. When successful, return to claim your reward of 8000 gold (any level) + 200 XP (for level 7 hero; decreases with levels).