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Thallis Fairgrounds

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the Fairgrounds

Thallis Fairgrounds is a quest obtained at the Thallis Fairgrounds in Ruins of Thallis.


This quest is received upon exploring the Thallis Fairgrounds in Ruins of Thallis for the first time.

In-game description: The keeper of the Thallis fairgrounds has asked you to fulfill 3 quests for him:

Fairgrounds Trainer
  1. Secure their Majesty in the Palace;
  2. Clean the Sewers of new Ratmen;
  3. Find the cause of the powerful undead spawning in the graveyard and end it.
Palace ThroneRoom


All three objectives are linked to finding the three respective locations in Thallis.

Palace objective[edit]

When you enter the Palace and finding the assassins, you are the given the choice of either helping the assassins (and then find the throne room and win one after another 2 battles over 4..8 Thallis Heroes in each one, with addition of the Thallis Sovereign in second battle), or defeat the assassins (6..8 Thallis Adepts) and then secure the king after finding the throne room (which means to beat there 4 more Adepts). If you help the assassins, then you are unable to obtain the main quest rewards (as in the list below), but you can still receive the alternative reward of +8 Strength by subsequently meeting up with the assassins in Gar Uta - and, of course, to finish 2 other branches of the quest.

Sewers objective[edit]

When you enter the sewers, you will find three broken sewer entrances, each of which can be destroyed without a fight.

Immediately after you have blown up the third (and last) target, you are confronted by a group of Ratman Terminators. You can choose between fighting or joining the Ratmen. If you join the Ratmen, you will be unable to receive the main quest reward, but you may return to the fairgrounds, after the completion of the other two sections, to fight with the Fairgrounds Trainer (who is just a Thallis Warrior) and take from his corpse 5000 gold and Dwarven Locket.

If you choose to fight the Ratman, you'll meet 8 Ratman Terminators:

  • If you defeat the 8 Ratman Terminators, the game will inform you that "Against all odds, you defeated the Ratmen. This would surely make the Fairgrounds Trainer pleased."
  • If the fight results in a 500-round draw, the game will inform you that "You managed to hold them off long enough till they fled. You have destroyed the breaches, the Fairgrounds Trainer would surely be pleased."
  • If you die or flee from the fight, the game will inform you that "As they promised, they killed you. However you still did your job of destroying the breaches, so the Fairgrounds Trainer should be pleased."

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, the job will be done (even if you lose the fight).

Graveyard Shrine

Graveyard objective[edit]

To complete the graveyard portion, you must first complete the quest-line in Gar Uta that starts with "The Temple Raiders". Completing this quest line at Gar-Uta will allow you to cleanse the shrine with Holy Water. The Shrine is randomly found on the Graveyard, without battle in it. Be aware, battles with Greater Undead on the graveyard are unavoidable - even with the PoMD, so be prepared to win, to die... or to escape.


Main Reward: Choice of one of the following:

  • Strength (+5 STR, +5 MGR)
  • Vitality (+2 VIT)
  • Intelligence (+4 INT)
  • Willpower (+5 WP, +5 MGR)
  • Artifice (+5 ART, +5 MGR)

Alternate Rewards

  • +8 Strength (if sided with the Assassins)
  • 5000 gold and a Dwarven Locket (if sided with the Ratman)