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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

The Dead Wander in Gar-Uta

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This quest, last in a series, follows from "The Raiders' Weird Tower".

Obtaining the Quest[edit]

Arriving back in the village, you soon discover that the village has turned hostile against you and you must flee. (Be warned that after the dialog with the village leader you will be attacked by a Dark Phantom without a warning!) This leads to the escape sequence.


Escape Sequence[edit]

During the escape sequence you will be attacked by numerous undead monsters such as Dark Phantoms, Vampire Queens, Warlock, and Liches. The escape sequence ends upon finding the random "exit," but this sequence can take QUITE a while (sometimes over 1000 turns), so it greatly helps to get prepared with Potions of Monster Detections which prevents the monsters from attacking you.

During the escape sequence, you can loot empty houses, which give provide Imp Workshop Ingredients without a fight. Additionally, you cannot leave the escape sequence until you find the random exit.

Siege Sequence[edit]

After escaping from the village, you will find a group of Paladins seeking to attack the Temple of the Winds. Upon agreeing to help the Paladins (although you will still fight alone), you will meet three groups of Paladin besiegers:

  • The first group meets no resistance.
  • With the second group, you'll have to fight 7 Greater Wights, 7 Vampire Queens and 1 Dark Phantom. This is the most challenging part of the quest, especially if you don't have high damage output and spells/abilities that hit multiple targets, thanks to the abundant summoning of the Vampire Queens and Greater Wights. Due to the large number of Vampire Queens, and the large number of fodder enemies, you will likely be hit with exp drain unless you have very high MGR.
  • With the last group of Paladins you start the siege of the temple, fighting three waves consisting of: 1-3 Dark Phantom, 1-2 Warlocks and 2-4 Vampire Queens. The undead then retreat and allow you to explore the temple which now contains the expected greater undead.

Complete the quest by claiming the Boots of Lunord from a tomb within the temple. This encounter at the tomb involves ~5 Dark Phantoms.

Gameplay Tips[edit]

  • It is extremely important that you have high MGR in order to fight all those spellcasters. Augment your MGR with Anti-Magic Gems. Do not hesitate to use items like Tholarian Signet Ring / Ring of Fortitude, Medusa Mail, Dwarven Locket, Mithril Belt with Skull Beard Rings etc. in order to raise your MGR up to a reasonable point that, you are not dependent to use AMGs against all spellcasters except Dark Phantoms. Keep in mind that an MGR of 155 is necessary in order to obtain immunity to the Vampire Queen's XP drain. Since the usage of healing aids will interrupt the usage of AMGs, it is desirable to have an MGR as close to 155 as possible, prior to the use of any AMGs or spells.
  • The character can be 'waylaid' by monsters, prompting an unavoidable battle that may involve vampire queens. Being unprepared and engaging in a long battle can drain 1000's of XP, so plan accordingly!
  • Carry a lot of Potions of Monster Detection before going back to the city. The escape sequence may be harder than you think. There is also a major technical problem in that the abundance of monsters being summoned causes the server to "time out" - just another reason why you would want an easy out backup. Even with monster detection, not all the fights can be avoided.
  • The group of monsters guarding the entrance to the Temple of the Winds can be extremely difficult to defeat with characters that have low damage output. Actually even Paladins with decent melee damage and Harm Undead spell will probably face timeouts unless they use the RoMD.
  • Some of the Imp Workshop Ingredients ingredients can be found during the escape (usually at abandoned houses, without battle).
  • The teleport perk of membership in the East Cheswick Outpost cannot be used to escape.