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The Desert Artifact

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"The Desert Artifact" is a quest that begins in the Desolate Wastelands. This quest primarily operates through the "Three Travelers" special event in the region.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Explore the Desolate Wastelands and find the "Three Travelers."


Desert Guardian lair
  1. At the Desolate Wastelands, you find three travelers interested in obtaining three Elven Spears.
  2. After meeting travelers again, and providing them with the items, you learn about a powerful artifact. In order to obtain the artiface, you are directed to find the lair of an Abomination in the area (special quest event).
  3. However, it turns out that this feat is not enough, and upon returning to the travelers, you are then directed to hunt three more of these creatures, one of each located in the Ruins of Thallis, the Ruins of Gar Uta, and at Krolm's Anvil.
  4. After hunting the last one, you learn that there is one more foe to defeat, the Twisted Abomination, which is encountered back in the Desolate Wastelands. After defeating this last foe, you obtain the schematic for the Desert Artifact, and can now assemble it from the four fragments.


Gameplay tips[edit]

  • The Abomination and the Twisted Abomination have very high magic resistance, so all classes other than Wizards and Priestesses should disable spells. Wizard need around 140 Int, along with the Ring of Mighty devastation to defeat the Twisted Abomination. Priestesses may need slightly more.
  • Melee classes with low damage output, such as healers, may need to stock up on Temple enchantments against the Twisted Abomination.
  • CAUTION! When you travel in the Desolate Wastelands after obtaining the Desert Artifact, be sure to have Potion of Monster Detection loaded. The Three Suspicious Travellers (see Humanoids for stats) are still roaming around, probably looking for you to get the Desert Artifact. They are not pleased with your possession of it and feel it is rightfully theirs! If you fight them and you lose, they will take the Desert Artifact from you! However, there is hope, heroes have the opportunity to fight the Three Travelers again and retake possession of the Desert Artifact.