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The Imp and His Tools

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This is the first quest given by Imp living in the Desolate Wastelands.

Completion of this quest is required for the Imp to upgrade your equipment.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

Explore the Desolate Wastelands to find an Imp, who will provide you with the location of his workshop. After visiting the workshop, the Imp asks you to retrieve his Anvil, Hammer, Metal Straps and Other-wordly materials.

  • Journal Entry: "An Imp Blacksmith in the Desolate Wastelands asked you to retrieve his Anvil, Hammer, Metal Straps and Other-wordly materials. They can be found in the Wastelands, Ruins of Gar Uta, Ruins of Thallis and Krolm's Anvil."


These items can be found by completing flagged encounters, as follows:

  • Imp's Anvil - Desolate Wastelands (Lair of Sand Golems)
  • Imp's Hammer - Ruins of Gar Uta (Lair of Dire Bears)
  • Imp's Metal Scraps - Ruins of Thallis (Lair of Looters)
  • Imp's Other-worldly materials - Krolm's Anvil (remains of an Ancient Burial Ground).

After defeating the four lairs in each of the areas, guarded by local creatures, you can then return to the Imp's Workshop for upgrades to your equipment.


  • The Imp will now be able to upgrade your equipment. See also Imp Workshop Ingredients for a list of ingredients used by the Imp for various upgrades.