The Siege of the Ratman Fortress

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"The Siege of the Ratman Fortress" is the fifth and final quest in a sequence which will allow the player to enter Mayhew through the sewers by defeating the ratmen in the Sewer Tunnels.

Summary and Walkthrough[edit]

After collecting the goblin tribes for the assault in Goblin Politics, you are ready to begin the siege of the Ratman fortress. The fortress is located in the Goblin Head Tunnel part of the Sewer Tunnels.

This takes a few turns fighting the usual lesser ratmen and a couple ratapults. The final battle involves killing another Ratman King. Upon completion the player can return to the goblin fortification and be allowed to travel to the Mayhew Tunnel in order to begin the Finding Mayhew quest to enter Mayhew (unless the player has completed the Stop the Ratman Raids quest).