The Temple Raiders

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Gar Uta's leader

This quest is given by the local leader of people of Gar Uta. To meet the leader, you must first find the peasant and ask him (start the conversation with "No, I'm a hero!" phrase) to take you to his leader.


You learn that "the local population of Gar Uta is concerned about raiders inside the Temple of the Winds. They have asked you to kill their leader, Alkanar" (In-game description).
To complete the mission, find the Temple of the Winds in Gar Uta, and find and defeat Alkanar with a pack of 3-8 of his Gar Uta Raiders. Don't forget to prepare!

In the Temple you can find also all kind of Gar Uta regular monsters or randomly receive Wind Storm enchantment.

After the victory return to the village and find the peasant again to claim your reward of 5000 gold.

Completion of this quest allows the The Raiders' Weird Tower quest to be started.