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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

The Trial of Venn's Spire

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Completion of this quest grants your character the maps needed to leave Valmorgen. Alternatively the hero may try to reach Mayhew via the Secret tunnel network below Valmorgen and purchase the required maps there.

Obtaining the Quest[edit]

To obtain the quest, visit the Valmorgen City Gates after reaching level 7. The guard will direct you to the Wizards guild, where you will be teleported to Venn's Spire. Once you are at Venn's Spire, you cannot leave the area without losing all your gold and various types of consumable items, so make sure you bring with you plenty of potions and other necessary items.

Make sure to complete the 2 other quests available in Venn's Spire, Foul Play and Farming Farms, because after this one is finished you'll be instantly teleported back to Valmorgen.

Completing the quest[edit]

Explore the area around the spire until you have seven keystones and three keys. The encounters with the keystones will be indicated with a Red Attack Flag. See Venn's Spire description for more details.
Once you have obtained all seven keystones and three keys, visit the gates guarded by the Warrior of Discord and talk to him. The Innkeeper clearly told you that you should not fight him, so instead just tell him you are ready for the puzzle. Upon this you will fight a Wizard's Tower and after winning the fight you will be given access to the tower. You will need to keep exploring until you find an image on the wall and have the option to insert a keystone (beware of Valmorgen Guardians). Each keystone matches up to a certain picture:

  • Man in Treasury - Quartz
  • Man in forest - Amber
  • Frozen Man - Opal
  • Man in Armour - Jasper
  • Woman on Fire - Agate
  • Beauty - Zircon
  • Mermaid - Lapis

Note: You can attack the Warrior of Discord at the spire door (who is an extremely lethal opponent with some 200 hitpoints), but it won't do you any good even if you win, because he will just be replaced with another.

The reward[edit]

After completing "The Trial of Venn's Spire" you are returned to Valmorgan and receive access to the following areas (by gaining the corresponding maps):

NOTE: These maps aren't items the game will simply grant you access to those areas.

You will also receive some XP. The original value is 25.000 XP, divided by the square of the hero's level.
Completing it at level 7 = 25000/49 = 510 XP
Completing at level 8 = 25000/64 = 390 XP
Completing at level 9 = 25000/81 = 308 XP
Completing at level 10 = 25000/100 = 250 XP
Completing at level 11 = 25000/121 = 206 XP

XP Values determined Steve the Nightwalker