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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Town Crier

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The Town Crier.

The Town Crier is only avilable for conversation once, when you create the character. As soon as you talk to him, on time and The Royal Rat-Catcher (rumour) will be added to your journal.


As you walk through the gates of Valmorgen, a Town Crier approaches you.

"Greetings, hero. Welcome to Valmorgen, the city of our beloved Sovereign.

Before you begin your adventuring, I'd advise you to buy some new gear. There are plenty of shops here in Valmorgen where you can do just that. But don't forget to equip your items after you buy them. Also, you can hire some help if you want at one of the Guilds.

Now, assuming you don't have rich parents to cover your expenses, you'll probably need to refill your coffers soon. While killing monsters and looting their gold is always an option, you could also try applying for guard duty at the City Gates.

Right, and I've heard that the Royal Rat-Catcher, down in the Sewers, has some pretty nice quests for new adventurers such as yourself. But be prepared when you enter - there are supposed to be some big rats there, too. Nothing you can't handle, I'm sure.

Ah, I almost forgot... Time here is measured in Turnings of the Hourglass, or simply "turns". A new turn comes once every hour. Strangely, people keep complaining to the Sovereign about getting more turns per day. That's not EVER going to happen. The Institute of Royal Timekeepers forbids it.

Right then, any questions?"

Dialog Options[edit]

"Any info on spells? I want to blast my foes to tiny bits and..."

"Well, you can buy spells at the Library. If you know how to cast them, that is.
If you don't, you can learn how at the Wizards Guild."

"Is there any place else to go, besides the sewers?"

The man leans closer to you and lowers his voice.
"Well, I've heard there are deeper, more dangerous dungeons beneath the Sewers. All sorts of nasty critters therein. Trolls, even. I wouldn't barge in there just yet if I were you.
Also, there are places to adventure outside of Valmorgen, but you'll need to buy a map at the Ranger's Guild to get there. Not to say you'd get lost or something, but the guards at the gate simply won't let you out without one." (adds Beneath the Sewers rumour to your journal)

"Are there magical items too, or just normal ones?"

"Why, of course. The local marketplace prides itself in the wide range of magical gadgets for sale. The Wizards Guild has some more advanced equipment as well. And of course the dungeons are probably full of items that once belonged to other, less fortunate adventurers who didn't take the time to listen to my advice.
Regular weapons and armor can be enchanted at the Wizard's Guild, for a hefty price, of course."

"But I really REALLY want, nay, need more turns!"

"Too bad, sport. As I said, it's one turn every hour, period.
You know, if I had a penny for every time I was asked that, I could have the streets of Valmorgen covered in pure gold."

"I want to know even more!"

"I've heard something about a mystical "Help link". Not sure what it's supposed to do, but I hear it's helped a lot of people. Also, something called a "Forum" is apparently present. If you ever find it, tell me what it is, exactly, OK?"

"Thanks for the info. Bye!" (proceed to Valmorgen)

Proceeds to Valmorgen. You will be unable to talk to the crier again.