Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt is a quest quest taking place at the Ruins of Thallis.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

The quest is automatically initiated upon exploring the Library of Thallis in Ruins of Thallis for the first time.

In-Game Description:

While searching through books in the Library you find a map falling out of one of those books. It appears to be made by F'linta the Absent-Minded.
After searching up more information about him, it appears he used to be a Wizard in this city who kept burying his treasures to keep them away from greedy thieves.
While the books mention that many of these treasures were found and recovered, with detailed information on each find, the treasure on your map doesn't seem to be amongst them.
The loot might still be out there!
The map is of a somewhat detailed section of Thallis, and mentions that the treasure is at the middle of the X on the map.
However you need 4 seperate keys to open the chest there.
Although the map also mentions that those are buried at the 4 endbranches of the X.
That Wizard sure was thorough in hiding this chest.


The four hidden keys as well as the treasure chest can be found simply exploring main Ruins of Thallis.


The treasure chest is empty (but still, you'll receive some XP with completing the quest).