True Werewolf Circlet

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Item type: Headgear

The Imp in the Desolate Wastelands has improved your Circlet to give a boost to armor and Magic Resistance.

Usable by All classes except Barbarian and Solarus.
Item weight 0.1
Armor value 1
Effects MGR +10, H2H +15, Ranged +15, Parry +15, Dodge +15.
User can cast Werewolf Form (STR +12, ART +5, Armor +1, Regeneration(1)), which is periodically cast during combat
Acquisition Circlet of Lycanthropy upgraded at the Imp's Workshop
Required ingredients: Cloth of Werewolf Fur and some Dust of a Dark Phantom
Sell infoBlacksmith (7500 gold)
NotesWerewolf Form will NOT be cast if under the effects of the Medusa Potion, Minotaur Potion, Dryad Potion, Werewolf Potion or Shapeshift Tincture.