Uniting the Clans

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"Uniting the Clans" is the first quest in a sequence which will allow the player to enter Mayhew through the sewers by defeating the goblins in the Sewer Tunnels.

Obtaining the quest[edit]

To obtain the quest, find an encounter of a Goblin and Ratman fighting with each other. When you find this encounter, you are given the option of siding with either the Ratman or the Goblin. Side with the Ratman and report to the local ratman fortress to begin this line of quests.


After siding with the ratmen and reporting for duty at the local fortress you are prompted to collect four groups of ratmen. One group is located in the Ratman Kingdom, two in the Ratman Tunnel one in the Goblin Head Tunnel portion of the Sewer Tunnels. Each involves a minor quest in the same area which, upon completion recruits that band of ratmen. The player may return to the fortress to begin the Goblin Necromancy quest.

The minor quests are:

  • The group in the Goblin Head Tunnel: Destroy a goblin camp in the Goblin Head Tunnel
  • A group in the Ratmen Sewer Tunnel: Trigger a trap for a group of goblins in the Ratmen Sewer Tunnel
  • A group in the Ratmen Sewer Tunnel: find and recruit a Ratman Champion in the Ratmen Sewer Tunnel
  • The group in the Ratman Kingdom: Destroy a ratman fortification in the Ratman Kingdom

Alternative method for clearing the path to Mayhew[edit]

This line of quests eventually culminate in the destruction of the Goblin Fort that is blocking the way to Mayhew. Alternatively, instead of completing this line of quests (or the Goblin counterpart quests), it is possible to directly destroy the Goblin Fort. If you have not initiated either the Ratman or Goblin quest, when you first come across the Goblin Fort, you are given the option of attacking it. The fort is extremely heavily defended (a randomized garrison; for example, 20 Goblin Champions, 16 Goblin Overlords, 10 Goblin Archers, 15 Goblin Priests, 5 Goblin Guardtowers and 9 Goblin Deathtowers).

If you choose the attack the fort and win the battle, your path to Mayhew will be opened without having to complete the Ratman (or Goblin) quests. The game will inform you that "Against all odds, you have defeated the Goblin Horde and are able to pass to the Mayhew Sewers.". Additionally, the Ratmen will refrain from attack you, as if you had sided with the Ratmen. However, you only have one chance to defeat the Goblin Fort using this method. If you lose the battle, you are not given another opportunity to directly attack the fort, and must therefore go through the Ratman or Goblin questline in order to gain access to Mayhew through the sewers.