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I just joined up to this wiki and am looking to help it out a bit. I really enjoy the game, and I think that the Wiki could be a bit more complementary to the quality of the game. Will be adding various ease of use additions and corrections over the next few months if I have time.


Hello and welcome on board :)

Your help in any form is much appreciated! We don't have many very active users and especially after last big reset of the game there is much room for improvement. As for spam category, for me it doesn't do much difference - the pages have to be deleted and spammers blocked manually anyway. But thanks for trying :) If you know of some mediawiki software anti-spam features you could sugest them to User:Veneficus (he is the chief around here ;)). I don't know if there is a good method for fighting spam without access to the wiki configuration...

Best regads and hope you will stay with us :)

Sir Dagon 17:05, 17 April 2011 (EDT)