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I'm glad someone joined to my helpless act to tidy the old wiki :) For helping you about item drops, i can say i pretty much updated item drops on locations where i highly visited with my heroes.

I wasted thousands of turns at Sewers, Lower Sewers, Ratman Kingdom, Fertile Plains, Buried Cathedral, Lormidia Sewers, Ratman Battleground, Dark Forest, Hellfire Mountains South, Elven Valley. Those areas are pretty much has pretty much accurate item info. You can trust most drops.

I also visited Catacombs, Venn's Spire, Graveyard, Darkmoor Swamp, Sunken City, The Royal Timekeepers' Basement, Hellfire Mountains West, Hellfire Mountains East, Hellfire Mountains North, Desolate Wastelands, Ruins of Thallis but i either did not fully explore (left when i'm finished) or did not updated the wiki much.

I virtually never touched Central Plains, Treldan Wood, Goblin Territory, Sewer Tunnels, Wild Gardens, Ruins of Gar Uta, Krolm's Anvil. Those locations need some real research.

I have created several Warriors of Discords in order to explore the game more resourcefully. They are level 7 and just finished scanning Ratman Kingdom fully for now. Good Luck on your quest :) Beceka 04:13, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

i also have an idea about recognising post reset drops:

As you know it is easier to notice items that are added into a lair after reset (not on the list), but harder to recognise items that are not dropped at that lair anymore (still in the list).

To avoid this situation, we should better copy the location article's item drop info to it's discussion page. Whenever we find an item on the list, we delete it on discussion page and mark it as a confirmed drop at the article. For example we write all pre-reset drops italic (non-confirmed) and whenever it is confirmed by a user we change it back to normal. When a user submits an item that was not on the list it will be directly confirmed since the user will not add it italic.

It is enough we do this on heavily edited areas like fertile plains, dark forest etc.

Beceka 04:34, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

Thanks for the info! I'll probably continue double-checking, just cause I'm paranoid, but that is good to know.

I've been playing on my Wizard; I'm an old player, but I haven't been very active lately (just found out about the reset and such about a week ago). So, I've almost run out of turns on my Wizard, but I do have... a Warrior, Healer, Adept, Priestess (well, Priest, but w/e), and a Paladin, each with ~8000 turns stored up. I really don't know how active I'll be here about a month from now, since I'll be heading back to school and all, but if I still have the time and the interest, I'll work on burning through those turns for more info. (And I'll go ahead and make a couple more characters to start stockpiling turns for future use, too.) Also, I've tried to set stuff up so at least if I don't have time or lose interest, someone else can pick up where I left off (or help along the way, lol; I don't wanna do it all on my own).

Re your idea: I was wondering if there was a better way to handle that, but couldn't think of one. I like that idea. We could add a note to the front page, where it has the reset warning for inaccuracy, and say that info that hasn't been confirmed post-reset should be in italics (and say we're in the process of putting stuff in italics until we're done doing so, lol). Of course we'll have to do that for the locations found on the individual item pages as well.

Actually, if I can play with the templates a bit, I can rig up something to automatically display on pages that may have outdated information, and when we come through to italicize it and start updating it, we can take it off. Otherwise, while we're still working on "phase I" (getting everything italicized), it'll be hard to tell whether we haven't gotten to a given page yet, or if we've gone through everything and the page is completely accurate. I should be able to do that for every page that uses a template (pretty much all the items), if I can learn a bit more about how the print template works... I'll see what I can do with that.

Meanwhile, any more thoughts? Or shall we push the go button? Will the Spellcaster 05:34, 19 July 2011 (EDT)

After more research, it'll take as much time to make a warning put itself up that we can take down page-by-page when we italicize stuff as it will for us to just go through and italicize stuff, heh. So scratch that. I can get started on copying lists to the discussion page and italicizing the main pages tomorrow. Will the Spellcaster 14:00, 19 July 2011 (EDT)