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The city of Valmorgen.

Valmorgen is the place where all heroes start their journey, right after chatting with the Town Crier. Most heroes stay in Valmorgen at least for the first few levels, and adventure in the Valmorgen Sewers and Lower Sewers, while those brave enough also descend to the Ratman Kingdom. Heroes will frequently return to Valmorgen for its various services such as temples, and guilds. Below is a guide to the various locations in the city:

City Square[edit]

  • The Palace
The Palace is where heroes may look up rankings and listing of heroes and clans. Dwarves and Gnomes may also apply for construction work at the palace.
Dedicated to the creator of Heroes of Ardania.
The Prison shows heroes who have been incarcerated by forum keepers and game developers for violation of rules.
The Blacksmith is where heroes can purchase and sell weapons and armor. The blacksmith provides a good starting point for most heroes, but its weapons selection is limited to those of lower levels.
The Marketplace is an important location where heroes may purchase healing aids and rings of protection.

City Dump[edit]

Surprisingly, the city dump is an exceedingly important location. New heroes begin by adventuring in the Sewers.

The sewers contain low level opponents designed for starting heroes to gain experience. See beginning strategy for tip on how to start your game.
The Gnome hovel is where heroes may sell junk found in the sewers at a low price. In addition, heroes may also purchase certain low-value items here. Dwarves and Elves may not enter here and must find another way to rid their junk items.
New location in Valmorgen since 02/2009, leading to quest A Priest for the Valmorgen Mausoleum.
During the holiday season a special location is added to Valmorgan for a limited time. Heroes who so wish may join Gnoma Claois for some unique renditions of our favourite carols.

Guild Avenue[edit]

The Warriors Guild is where heroes may recruit fighter followers. Fighters are the most commonly used follower due to their high combat capabilities.
The Rangers guild is the place where heroes may recruit archer followers.
The Rogues Guild is where heroes may purchase poison and hire the thug-line followers.
The Wizards Guild is also the place where heroes may enchant their equipment and purchase certain magic items.
The library contains schematics for crafting and spell scrolls which heroes (especially wizards) may purchase to learn the spell. Since spells are a very important part of the game, the library will come into play for all heroes. At the library, the hero may also train intelligence up to 12 and Magic Resistance (15 points).
All heroes start with a free cache at Valmorgen. This is a location for leaving all of your loot. The Valmorgen cache starts out with a 25 ged capacity and as all caches, it may be upgraded to support more.

Easy Street[edit]

The Gambling hall is just what its name implies: it allows heroes to gamble for money! Gnomes and cultists may try their luck here. Other heroes, however, may falter at gambling.
  • The Dwarven Blacksmith
Shows up after talking with the Map Maker in Mayhew. Starting point of the Longsword of True Valour and Axe of the Covenant quests.
  • The Gender Bender
Heroes can 'visit the gender bender' in order to change their gender. Not available any more

Temple Street[edit]

Valmorgen contains temples to all the gods. For beginning heroes, the Agrela, Fervus, and Krolm temples are important because they provide a location to heal injuries after battle without having to purchase healing aids. Heroes may also pray or donate money to gain blessings. Certain hero classes may not be able to enter certain temples. For more information, see the main article at Temples. Valmorgen contains temples to the following Deities:

Outer Fields[edit]

The Fairgrounds is one of the few locations where heroes can directly interact with each other. Heroes may fight at the fairgrounds against other heroes, although this has no bearing on other gameplay elements.
The Zoo is a location where you can look at monsters of Ardania. Most are simply jokes.

Leave city[edit]

To exit, heroes must first complete The Trial of Venn's Spire or purchase the maps in Mayhew, after finding their way through the Secret tunnel network.