Varg Beard Ring

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This item is used in the Belt of Ballistics schematic.

Effects: Dodge +5

Socketable into: Socketable Ranged weapons, Mithril Belt, Nevryl Amulet, Socketing Manual (Armbands, Gloves)

Found: Treldan Wood (Werewolves' Hoard Lair), Hellfire Mountains East (Grove of Daemonwood, Massive / Well-concealed / Deadly-looking Goblin Camps), Fertile Plains (Escort the Caravan, Minotaur Army)

Description: One of a collection of ancient Dwarven beard jewelry, this one is crafted in the shape of a Varg head. While even Dwarves have forgotten how to unlock their powers, it is rumored that these items will bestow magical benefits upon Heroes who combine them with socketed items.