Venn Spire Inn

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This inn, only accessible from Venn's Spire, is the hub of civilization during the trial.

It has the following options:

Talk to the innkeeper

  • He will provide information, in some cases charging 50 gold. If you pay him 3 or 4 times and ask why this information costs so much, this leads to the Foul Play quest. Note that if you fail the quest, he will no longer sell you items.
  • In addition, asking him about spellcasters (by asking "Before you mentioned Black Phantoms? What are these things?") will lead to him revealing his shop where he sells healing aids and other consumables. He will not buy anything and has the following items for sale:

Worried Peasants

  • They will offer you the Farming Farms quest and provide some information.

Shadowed Figure

  • This is a bard that will provide important information about the main quest. He may also tell you a legend about a treasure that is added to your rumors. Note that this treasure is not implemented at the time of this writing.

Lesser adventurers

  • You may hire followers here, including second level ones.

Random heroes

  • Encounter a random hero that provides comic relief. Also, there is a chance that you'll meet a rogue and he will steal 20 gold.