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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Warrior Class Guide

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See also: Warrior class profile

While warriors in Majesty had the role as the basic melee class with no special abilities, warriors in HoA have the benefit of conveniently increasing stats and armor with shields in order to compensate for relatively low initial defense (and offense) stats. Given the great importance of armor in the game, the shield advantage significantly comes into play at all parts of the game, right from the beginning when shields can be obtained inexpensively. When plate armor and high-end items are obtained, Warriors becomes the best armored heroes in the game. While the rest of the stats do not look very impressive, the fast rate of gaining levels for warriors (requiring only 1000 xp) confers an additional advantage to this class.

Later on the Warrior is a relatively challenging class to play due to the lack of powerful high-end items. While Warriors have high armor, this quality is less useful against the most difficult foes which do damage so high that their attacks should best be defended with the Parry stat, rather than with armor.

Warriors can pray at Temples to Krolm to recieve the Double Attack ability to greatly improve their damage output. Willpower increasing items such as Shield Beard Rings are important to reduce the number of turns spent praying.

Valmogen easy strategy:

  • Create your hero - re-roll for max vitality. Strength, Willpower and 11 Intelligence are also useful.
  • With beginning 200 gold buy axe/hammer/mace and hard leather armour.
  • Get Stone Skin enchantment from Temple to Dauros, your armor should now be 10. Get more when it runs out.
  • Complete Royal Rat-Catcher quests and with all gold buy all armor items/spells/enchantments. This should give you 18+3 armor (not including flame shield), enough to survive Ratman Champions and Sewer Tunnels with next to no damage.
  • Get warhammer or similar and upgrade.
  • Get to Lv 7 with in Ratman Kingdom, then move on to Sewer Tunnels or Venn's Spire.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Warrior.

  • Weapon: Thallis Sword (Damage: 19, H2H +10, Parry +10, Max HP +30, Armor +5; found in Thallis)
For offensive tactics: Axe of Discretion (Damage: 19, H2H +15, STR +15; Valmorgen Library schematic)
For defensive tactics: Midnight Blade (Damage: 15, H2H +15, Dodge +15, Parry +15; Valmorgen Library schematic)
For flexibility: Mithril Broadsword (Damage: 15, H2H +5, Parry +5) socketable with your choice of 3 beard rings e.g. 3 ratman rings would give you a total of +20 Parry; or one of these with 3 skull rings (+15 MGR) can be useful against spellcasters.
Early on, and to wield whilst praying: Longsword of True Valour (Damage: 14, Willpower +5, STR +5, H2H +10, Armor +2; Quest item)
  • Armor: Mithril Plate Armor (Armor: 13) Socketted with 3x Beard Rings (best choices are usually Skull or Golem). This armor is half the weight of other plate armors.
Mithril Breastplate (Armor: 11, Hand-to-hand +10, Parry +5, Dodge +5, Magic Resist +10. Comes already enchanted with +4 Magic Armor)
Plate Armor of Destiny (Armor: 15) Socketed with 1x Beard Rings
Magic Plate Armor (Armor: 14) Socketed with 2x Beard Rings
  • Cloak: Heroic Cloak (Shield of Light Spell; Found in Thallis)
Early on, should use Farmer's Cloak or Protective Cloak
Mithril Helm (Armor: 8, Parry +10, Dodge +10; Found in Thallis), Steel Full Helm
Before this item is obtained, Mithril Tower Shield is the best easily obtainable shield
Spiked Iron Large Shield is useful for increased damage output
Belt of Rage is useful early on.
Belt of Ravaging.
  • Footwear: Reinforced Sabaton (Armor: 10, Artifice -5, Strength +8, Parry +5; found in Thallis)
Boots of Lunord (Armor: 2, Speed +2, Parry +10, Dodge +15, MGR +5, Damage +1; quest item)
War Chargers (Armor: 3, Strength +4, H2H +10; Wizard Tower schematic)
Bracers of Infection
  • Necklace: Ring Amulet socketed with Ring of Protection or Dark Band.
MGR-boosting Necklaces, such as the Dwarven Locket are useful in certain occasions