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Posted by Veneficus on November 11, 2021

Warrior of Discord Class Guide

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See also: Warrior of Discord class guide

With high weapon damage, critical strike, starting poison immunity, hand-to-hand proficiency, and the ability to attack three enemies at once, the Warrior of Discord is clearly one of the epitomes of hand-to-hand combat. To top it off, the amazingly high vitality gives the Warrior of Discord an extreme amount of durability necessary to finish off large groups of opponents and to efficiently utilize the Total Restoration Tincture. Thanks to being able to attack three enemies, overall melee offense capabilities arguably exceed those of any other class in many situations. Unlike Barbarians who wear almost no armor, the Warrior of Discord has a capable armor selection. In addition, the Warrior of Discord has a fine line of "class-proprietary" equipment which enhance their combat performance. Despite having poor defense stats (which can be eventually raised by items or training), the Warrior of Discord has little to fear due to highly capable equipment and extremely proficiency in dealing out damage. As if attack multiple foes and highly damaging equipment isn't enough, the Warrior of Discord receives the Howl of Discord ability, a special attack to multiple foes that works even if the WoD was paralyzed (by any kind of corresponding spells). Since damage increases with level, a high level Warrior of Discord is able to do impressive damage with the howl. In summary, the Warrior of Discord is easily among the most powerful classes in the long run and throughout many stages of hero development. The only true weakness is against monsters that can incapacitate through Paralysis, Tangle, and other mechanisms. With relatively weak defenses, foes can hack through even the Warrior of Discord's healthy hit point pool quickly.

Note that the WoD is unable to learn spellcasting due to low Intelligence. Later in the game, it may be worthwhile to train your INT to learn spellcasting. This enables you to use the Fire Shield spell which provides a decent bonus equivalent to a 'free' item slot.


Below are the optimal items for each category, as well as other notable items important to this class. See also: items usable by Warrior of Discord.

Blades of Fatality (Damage: 21, Hand-to-hand +15, Strength +15; Valmorgen schematic)
Before entering Thallis the WoD will have to settle for a basic armor. Ultra Chaos Armor appears to be the best of the Basic Armor. It has 3 slots to embed Dwarven Beard Rings, preferably Goblin (for Strength), Shield (for Willpower), or Skull (for Magic Resist).
  • Cloak: Spiked Cloak (Damage +1, Critical Hit +2, Parry -5, Dodge -5; Found in Thallis) or
Farmer's Cloak (Ranged +2, Dodge +2, Hand-to-hand +2, Parry +2) is gained early from a quest and is the best bet for quite a while.
Protective Cloak (Magic Resist +5) is good against spellcasters.
True Werewolf Circlet (Armor +1, MGR +10, H2H +15, Ranged +15, Parry +15, Dodge +15, Werewolf Form; Imp workshop upgrade)
Helm of Terror (Armor +1, Damage +2, MGR +10, Death Cry; Valmorgen Schematic)
Helm of Horror (Armor +3, Damage +3, MGR +15, H2H +10, Parry +10, Death Cry. Imp workshop upgrade).
In comparison to the upgraded Circlet (incl. avg. from the Werewolf form), the Helm of Horror gives: Arm +1.5, Dmg +2.25, MGR +5, H2H -5, PAR -5, DOD -15, + Death Cry but -Regeneration (which works for half of a battle & only if you didn't use other tonic from the group). Damage & MGR are better for a WoD, so in the later game stages it's more advantageous to use the Helm in most cases, then switch to the Circlet when facing ranged / mixed foes.
Bandanna of Frost as well as Battered Crown are useful early on.
  • Belt: Belt of Pain (Armor: 2, Critical Hit +2, Damage +2, Parry +10, Magic Resist +5, Strength +8; Found in Thallis)
Belt of Brawling socketed with a "Might" Accessory gives Arm +1, H2H +20, PAR +5, STR +16, Dmg +1
Belt of Ravaging (Armor: 0, H2H +25, STR +32, Parry -15, Dodge -15, MGR -10) and Belt of Balance (Dodge +10, STR +2, Parry +5) are useful in some situations.
  • Footwear: War Chargers - or Boots of Lunord, when you need small MGR bonus (additional Dodge & Parry won't help to WoD so much).
  • Glove: Chaos Gloves (Armor: 1, Damage +2, Double Attack +20, Parry -5, Magic Resist +10, Dodge -5, Hand-to-hand -5; Found in Thallis)
War Gauntlets (Armor: 2, Hand-to-hand +5, Parry +10, Strength +4) socketed with, say, 2x Ratman Beard Ring
MGR-boosting Necklaces, such as Blue Charm / Rezzenthells Spellkiller / Dwarven Locket are useful for MGR needs.
Do not try to collect the RoMD - WoD's Howl is not less powerful & more useful at the time you'll be able to pay 100K for the schematic and to win in the Brashnard Ruins.

Midgame Progression[edit]

After beating Venn's Spire challenge, your goal is to get some easily obtainable items to boost your character and a significant supply of consumables. The best way to start is to enter the goblin territories or other place of your choice to gain a good deal of gold. The WoD is one of the few characters strong enough to enter the Dark Forest right at level 10, if prepared. I recommend using Healing Grubs as they are the cheapest and easiest way to heal. First, you will want to make your way to Mayhew and grab the Fertile Plains map and some cheap Poison. Then go to Lormidia and pick up a Green and Blue Charms, a few Shapeshift Tinctures and some Rejuv Potions from the Market (that heal 100HPs for 150gold). You will definitely want a large supply of invisibility gems. Most characters use Wands of Lightning Storm to boost their combat prowess as needed. Since you already have significant offense, the use of these gems is almost as efficient for a much lower cost. You can do well in the Graveyard, goblin area or various quests you encounter in towns. Now, you can test your might in the Fertile Plains. Avoid Rock Golem encounters, Shrines and Caravans. Fight the Minotaurs and Altar encounters to gain lots of cash and special items. Repeat for a few levels. When ready with a LOT of healing aids, 50+ monster detection potions, gems, and multiple booster potions, get the required rumors at East Cheswick and enter the Dark Forest, only fighting certain loot encounters. Enter the Enchanted Gardens which is a LOT easier than the Forest and proceed to gain desired schematics and accessories from the Guardhouse encounter. By the time you get back to town, you will potentially be quite a bit stronger from the items you've found.