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The weight system in Heroes of Ardania is much more realistic than the weight systems in many other games. Ardania's weight system gives each item a seperate weight. You then have a carrying capacity based upon your strength and other factors (Lower strength classes can use followers to their advantage by having them carry things for them.). Encumbrance is how "weighed down" you are. It is possible to go above 100% encumbrance but as you go higher above the limit it will take more time (turns) to travel places and lower your combat stats. Eventually there is a point you can reach where you won't be able to move at all. If you reach this state you have a few options:

1. Drink a potion that raises your strength (i.e. Potion of Dirgo Strength, Potion of Goblin Strength)
2. Equip Items that raise your strength. (i.e. Gloves of the Dump)
3. Socket Goblin Beard Rings into armor and other equipment.
4. If you are really desperate and none of these help, drop some gold or items.


GED, or goblin head, is the official unit of weight in Heroes of Ardania, and is equal to 640 gold pieces. See Valmorgen Library for historical information about the GED. A Hero or living Follower can carry an amount of GED that is (Strength * 1.25 rounded down) + 5.


A typical cache.

One will never be able to carry all your items and equipment with you in your career as a hero, so one will always need a place to stockpile extras. The cache is the solution to this problem. Caches are chests that heroes may stockpile their unused items and gold within for future use. There is a cache in most every major city, but each cache's contents are unique (i.e. items stored in Valmorgen cannot be accessed from Lormidia). All heroes start with a free cache at Valmorgen, and they may purchase additional caches in select towns/cities. The cache is a necessity to all heroes.

All caches start with 25 GED weight capacity, and may be upgraded for additional storage capacity.

City 25 ged 50 ged Each next upgrade step for 25 more ged
Valmorgen 0 12500 +12500 more than current step cost
Mayhew 8400 17500 +17500 more than current step cost
Lormidia 12000 25000 +25000 more than current step cost
East Cheswick 12000 25000 +25000 more than current step cost
Elven Valley 42000  ? +? more than current step cost
Nomad's Outpost 72000 150000 +150000 more than current step cost

It is possible to invest some portion of the gold needed (from pockets or from the cache itself) in order to upgrade the cache later. There is no way to take the money back, so decide wisely.

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